Experiencing the joy of flight can be one of the greatest experiences anyone can have. The rich history of aviation has inspired generations. Whether you are interested in flying as a career, a hobby, or just want to know more, our camps will provide a great experience.

Our newest camp offers an educational experience for adults. This unique educational experience immerses participants in the roles of a pilot. Participants will plan and fly to local airports with the assistance of a flight school’s instructor. This collaboration is organized by Unique Educational Experiences Inc. and the flight school provides the flight experiences. Our camps for kids focus on the same principles but we will use simulators. Each is reasonably priced.

Airman Camp

The Airman Camp is for students 9-15. During the week, students will gain a deeper understanding of the field of aviation through a wide range of fun activities. Activities include working with designing paper and balsa planes, flying simulators and various R/C planes. This camp has occurred at Millikan High School with field trips planned to the Long Beach Airport and the Planes of Fame aviation museum.

During each of our camps individuals receive individual, group and team instruction. We have the ability to customize activities for all participants.

Taking part in Aviation Summer Camp is a more than just a cool way to spend part of the summer. Check out the rest of the site. If you have any questions, please call or email.